Pinnacle Brand Suppliers Ltd is one of the leading civil engineering & constructions Company in Kenya. We are experienced engineers and technologists and are recognized for the quality of our project solutions.

We have the talent and the experience to provide project management for road and highway projects. The types of projects we work on vary widely: reconstruction, repairing, widening, moving roads, planning drainage and/or stormwater systems, new roads, interchanges, overpasses, and/or bridge approaches.

Our civil engineering construction services team has been providing engineering solutions for many years. We have an excellent reputation for producing quality work, having talented and experienced staff, and having a clear commitment to delivering on client expectations.

Our clients include local authorities, commercial land owners and developer. We recognise works in this sector can have a major impact on the local community and where necessary we routinely liaise with our client, local authorities, and stakeholder groups to ensure minimal disruption to the local people and businesses.