Pinnacle Brand Suppliers embraces EHS at the workplace as one of its core pillars and have continued to train, and create awareness on all our sites. This coupled with regular inspection by our Safety officer ensures minimal accidents and near misses whenever we are working.

To enhance our safety awareness and adherence to safety guidelines, all our works are classified and all employees are supposed to tick and sign a checklist to confirm that they have observed all safety procedures and are in the right gear before engaging in any works on site.

Our basic ground rules on site are

1. Protective uniforms shall be worn by all workers at the site and it shall be an offence to carry out any works at the site without appropriate protective uniform and any visitor to the site should be provided with helmet or any other protective safety wear as the case may be.

2. At a site, there shall be kept First Aid Kit/Box whose contents shall be according to the labour laws of the land. In addition “Fire Extinguisher” and enough pails of sand for immediate use in case of outbreak of fire and supervisors / site agents are to ensure the items are conspicuously placed.

3. Any strange smell or smoke and naked fire must be reported to the site agent/supervisor immediately and incase of fire getting out of control the incident should be reported to relevant authorities without delay.

4. Our EHS officer shall apply first aid to any injured worker and shall refer the injured to the nearest hospital / clinic immediately as the case may be.

5. No worker shall be allowed to enter the site when drunk and that cigarette smoking at site is strictly prohibited.

6. It shall be a serious offence for employees to involve in physical fighting. Offenders will immediately be removed from site and their employment terminated. Any misunderstandings between the employee and fellow employee shall be reported to the site agent supervisor for intervention.

7. Before commencement of works at any site, necessary signages will be displayed to bring awareness to the employees and public of the works at the site.